MKII Conventional Detectors Now Also Have LPCB Certification

MKII Conventional Detectors Have LPCB Approval

Zeta Alarm Systems would like to announce that their Fyreye MKII series of conventional detectors now carries LPCB certification in addition to DBI.

Prior to the launch of the MKII series Zeta Alarm Systems successfully promoted two ranges of conventional detectors namely; the Fyreye series carrying LPCB certification and the Fyreye Extra that was certified by DBI. This was an intentional strategy to maximise the global appeal of Zeta conventional detectors. DBI approval that is widely accepted in Europe and for other markets, in particular the Middle East, LPCB is preferred.

The consolidation to a single range of conventional detectors is an important element of Zeta’s plans for growth and therefore the choice to engineer a single range which has both approvals was taken.

The fact that two leading certification bodies have approved the detectors is also further testifies to the quality of the range.

The Fyreye MKII series of conventional detectors are available now.

Assessed to ISO 9001:2015 - Certificate Number 330 DBI BSI Intertek VdS