Wi-Fyre - Zeta Alarm System Compatability

Wireless technology has had its place in fire detection for quite some time now and has provided a flexible solution for many owners, architects and fire professionals. The choice to use wireless fire detection in place of hardwired systems has assisted in providing a solution to many challenges, including accessibility, speed of installation, minimising building disruption and overcoming architectural issues..

 While wireless fire alarm technology has its advantages, it has only been available as a full, system-based solution until quite recently. This has made combining the strengths of hardwired and wireless systems near impossible, limiting system designers to a choice of one or the other.


Wi-Fyre, a new development from Eurofyre, has been designed to eliminate this barrier by allowing wireless and hardwired fire alarm devices to integrate seamlessly. Wi-Fyre can provide a more rounded and flexible fire detection solution, giving system designers the option to use wireless devices when and where necessary. This increased flexibility means that complete protection can be provided in the most convenient, the most professional and the most cost-effective way possible.

Whether you are planning a new installation or are extending an existing hardwired fire detection system, Wi-Fyre is the perfect solution, especially if time and access are limiting factors.

Zeta Compatibility

Zeta Fyreye Protocols

Wi-Fyre is compatible with both Zeta’s Fyreye MKI (standard protocol) and Fyreye MKII protocols.

In 2011 Zeta made the decision to redesign its standard protocol in order to overcome some of its limitations. While Fyreye MKI had served them well, Zeta made the decision to completely redesign their new protocol to allow them to develop new products without any restrictions. This marked the launch of Zeta’s Fyreye MKII protocol.

Despite this, there are still many systems in the field that operate on the MKI protocol that can benefit from Wi-Fyre integration. Therefore, Wi-Fyre has been designed to operate effectively on both versions of the Fyreye protocol.

Modes of Operation and Latest System compatibility

Wi-Fyre has six individual, user-selectable modes of operation and can be integrated with a number of the latest Zeta systems, including:

  • Zeta Infinity 8 - Wi-Fyre Conventional Mode
    Infinity 8 alarm panels are available with 1-8 zones and are housed in an attractive, modern enclosure. Infinity 8 fire alarm control panels are well suited to small- to medium-sized conventional style systems.
  • Zeta Infinity ID2 - Wi-Fyre 2-Wire Addressable Mode
    Infinity ID2 fire alarm control panels offer all the benefits of 2-wire installation, with the facility to “ID” the connected devices. These fire alarm control panels are best suited to conventional retro-fit applications as well as new projects.
  • Zeta Premier Quatro - Wi-Fyre Addressable Mode
    The Premier Quatro fire alarm panel is designed to meet the requirements of EN54 part 2 and part 4, and is modular in nature. This panel is well suited to large applications and can communicate with up to 32 additional panels or repeaters.
  • Zeta Simplicity Plus - Wi-Fyre Addressable Mode
    Simplicity Plus fire alarm panels are designed with ease of use in mind. They use pre-programmed values for programming which means the user simply has to configure the loop and enter text labels via the optional built-in keyboard.
  • Zeta SmartConnect - Wi-Fyre Addressable Mode
    Zeta SmartConnect is a fully featured single loop addressable fire alarm panel with touchscreen display and remote monitoring via PC or smartphone. Zeta SmartConnect panels will soon have the ability to provide local indication of the battery levels and signal strength of connected Wi-Fyre devices from the onboard touchscreen display.

More about Wi-Fyre

Wi-Fyre uses a Wi-Fyre Transponder to communicate with Wi-Fyre wireless devices. Wi-Fyre transponders are installed onto the Zeta loop/radial wiring, and each unit can communicate with up to thirty mixed field devices such as smoke and heat detectors, manual call points, sounders and input/output devices.

Before installation, a wireless survey must be conducted using the Wi-Fyre Survey Head to ensure suitable signal quality between the installed device and its transponder.

A highly intuitive menu structure makes adding, removing or viewing the status of a wireless device a simple process, allowing for simple configuration and easy maintenance.

Ordering Information

Zeta endeavour to support their existing and future customers by providing them with the highest quality products at competitive prices and, as such, Wi-Fyre is available for order directly from Zeta.

To find out more about Wi-Fyre, to enquire about pricing, or to place an order please feel free to contact Zeta Alarms Limited on +44 (0) 1792 455 175 or send an email to info@zetaalarmsystems.com.

Wi-Fyre Wireless Fire Detection

Wi-Fyre has been designed to allow hardwired and wireless fire detection technology to operate as part of the same fire detection system. Wi-Fyre gives a more rounded and flexible solution, giving system designers the opportunity to use wireless devices when and where necessary.

Wi-Fyre is compatible with a range of Zeta fire alarm systems, including:

  • Zeta infinity 8
  • Zeta Infinity ID2
  • Zeta Premier Quatro
  • Zeta Simplicity Plus

For more information or to place an order please contact Zeta Alarms Limited on +44 (0) 1792 455 175 or send an email to info@zetaalarmsystems.com.

Alternatively you can find out more here.

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