MKII Addressable Range Now Ready To Go

Several years of careful investment & development have come to fruition with the MKII soft & hard addressable system now available for sale. This system is a key component of the Zeta offering which will provide a robust & reliable platform for addressable solutions for the foreseeable future.

Fyreye MKII Addressable Range

The brand new MKII protocol is the backbone written to enhance the scope of the system with room for future expansion. The MKII protocol facilitates 250 devices per loop, 16 tones selectable from the panel, enhanced error checking and much more.

Both the entry level Simplicity and advanced Quatro panels are available. For smaller installations the Simplicity provides an intuitive setup unlike any other addressable panel, with no requirement for a laptop or auxiliary equipment, whilst the Quato caters for systems as large as 64,000 devices with full cause & effect programming and graphical alarm manager.

View the complete range of MKII products including a MKI/MKII compatibility chart.

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