Simplicity Micro Addressable Fire Alarm Panel Launched

In a nutshell

The Simplicity Micro is an addressable fire alarm system which is cost effective and extremely easy to install & commission. The panel communicates directly with each device so in the event of a fire, the panel will display the exact device (detector or call point) that signalled the alarm, allowing the fire to be located more quickly.


The Simplicity Micro fire alarm system has been designed to meet the full requirements of BSEN 5839 part 1 and BSEN 5839 part 6. The fire panel itself complies with EN54 part 2 and EN54 part 4.


Only a single pair of wires is used which connect all detectors, call points, warning devices (sounders/flashers) and interfaces before returning to the panel (similar to a ring main). This approximately saves 40% compared with a 4-wire or conventional system and 10% compared to 2-wire systems.

Cable Break Protection

In the event of a cable break the Simplicity Micro will report the break and continue to operate as normal with full integrity. If the same break occurred in a 4-wire/conventional or 2-wire system up to an entire zone would be lost.

Cable Short Circuit Protection

The Securetone Micro combined sounder & flasher base (SM-ASFIB) includes a short circuit isolators so in the event of a short circuit only the devices between two bases would be inoperative. Similar to a cable break, up to an entire zone would be lost on a 4-wire/conventional or 2-wire system.

Alarm Indication

Each device can be uniquely identified by the panel and a 20 character label set for each. In the event of a fire or fault the exact device which triggered it will be shown.

Installation & Commissioning

Once the panel has been connected to the loop, confirmation of the number, type and status of every device is available. This can then be checked against the system specification.

Alarm & Fault History

The Simplicity Micro includes a 2,046 event history which stores all alarm, fault and system events.

Adding Extra Devices

Should additional devices need to added to the system then these can be spurred off the nearest device (no need to break into the loop).

System Monitoring

Since every device is monitored constantly and communicates with the panel at a maximum of every 4 seconds, any malfunction in any device will be reported by the panel. This of course will include the exact location of the device.

Model Number Descripion Download
SP-M Simplicity Micro Addressable Fire Alarm Panel Datasheet (Adobe PDF)

If you would like more information about our Simplicity Micro Fire Alarm System contact us now.

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