Simplicity Product Update


Our hugely popular Simplicity family of addressable fire alarm panels have been re-engineered to include a new power supply which complies with the latest EN54 standards and a facelift which sees the panels being housed in metal enclosures.

These changes effect the Premier AD, Simplicity 126 and Simplicity 64 panels which have now been discontinued and the new versions should be ordered with the following codes.

  • SP-252/M - Simplicity 252 in Metal Enclosure (2 Loops, 256 Devices)
  • SP-126/M - Simplicity 126 in Metal Enclosure (1 Loop, 126 Devices)
  • SP-64/M - Simplicity 64 in Metal Enclosure (1 Loop, 64 Devices)

Kindly note that due to the considerably increased production costs these new panels are marginally more expensive compared with the previous models.

Assessed to ISO 9001:2015 - Certificate Number 330 DBI BSI Intertek VdS