New Zeta Beam Detector Now Available

New Beam Detector

Our new Zeta beam detector offers the very latest in motorized reflective beam technology which enables you to protect large open areas in a cost-effective, reliable way.

We have overcome the objections to old beam detector technology by offering a motorized beam that will keep alignment with its reflector automatically – even with slight movements of the building’s structure. This will prevent nuisance alarms and unnecessary call-outs thus saving time, money and reputations!

To make selecting the right beam as quick and easy as possible, we have consolidated and simplified our beam detector offering into just 3 part codes:

  • ZT-BEAM (Beam detector and reflector kit – range 5m to 40m)
  • ZT-BEAM/KIT80 (Extender kit for beam to be effective 40m – 80m)
  • ZT-BEAM/KIT100 (Extender kit for beam to be effective 80 to 100m)

To connect the beam to our addressable systems you will require the appropriate zone monitor module code ZTZM. We hope you will be delighted with our new, easier to select - easier to install, beam detectors and we are happy to help with any technical questions you may have regarding the installation or set-up of these devices – please contact technical support on 00 44 (0)1792 455 175.

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