Zeta Alarm Systems Joins The CertAlarm Certification Scheme


Zeta Alarm Systems have always strived to produce the very best fire safety products and this is testified by almost all of our products carrying 3rd party accreditation. To help develop our European business we are pleased to announce that we have taken the steps to join the CertAlarm scheme that guarantees compliance to European Product, System, Installation & Service Standards. CertAlarm is the only European Accreditation endorsed certification scheme for the fire and security industry.

To date we have successfully added 4 products to the CertAlarm scheme namely; Quatro 1-4 Loop Addressable Panel, Simplicity 1-2 Loop Addressable Panel, Premier M+ 8-24 Zone Convention Panel and Premier Power Pack 2 or 5 Amp PSU. Copies of these certificates are available to download now from the various product sections on our website along with a link to verify each certificate on the CertAlarm website.

It is our intension to submit more products to the CertAlarm scheme and updates of these will become available in due course.

Assessed to ISO 9001:2015 - Certificate Number 330 DBI BSI Intertek VdS