Launch Of The Infinity ID2 - The Worlds Most Advanced 2 Wire Fire Alarm System Is Here

Infinity ID2

Zeta Alarm System is extremely proud and excited to be launching a brand new 2-wire fire alarm system known as the Infinity ID2. Zeta has always been synonymous with thinking outside the box and adding real innovation to every product and the ID2 is testament to this.

Many years have been spent developing the ID2, including working very closely with key customers to determine how this popular system type could be improved. All of the features users expect from a 2-wire system are of course incorporated plus the ability to I.D. devices meaning the panel is cable of uniquely identifying each device and therefore able to show exactly which has gone into alarm.

Unique to the ID2 is the ability to choose whether the system is wired in radials or as a loop. This makes the ID2 extremely flexible and suitable for both new installations and as a replacement for existing conventional, 2-wire or even addressable systems without the need to re-wire.

Global Sales Manager, Phil Witts, commented “Whilst researching the development of the ID2 system it became clear from the feedback we received that our customers were looking for a 2wire system that had more features, but was not over-complicated. Many asked for a product that ‘could just be a zoned system but with the facility to ID (address) devices if required’ and all requested the ability to be able to set up a local alarm facility that was totally flexible and not restricted to which cable a device was connected to. These benefits along with a sounder/flasher with every detector, as standard, and the flexibility of using our standard conventional detectors for both the ID2 system and conventional installations (meaning less stock-holding) makes the ID2 the ultimate in 2wire systems and I am delighted with the result�.

Here are some comments from customers who have already installed the ID2 or have evaluated the product during it’s development :

“ I don’t see why anyone would buy a standard 2 wire or conventional system ever again “ – installer, Somerset UK.

“ The staff can tell us exactly where an event has occurred – this facility is normally only available with addressable systems that our out of our budget “ - FM company responsible for a national chain of shops in the UK.

“ I think this is the end of conventional systems “ – Security Wholesaler, Hampshire.

“ I can upgrade a customer’s conventional system to and addressable system without changing the wiring – this was always the major cost and this allows me to win more work “ – installer – Devon, UK.

“ As a fire safety consultant we always prefer addressable systems however the cost, until now, has been prohibitive. The ID2 changes that and in my opinion should be the system of choice for HMOs “ – Consultant – London, UK.

The Infinity ID2 is available now so please contact us for further information.

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